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One of my favorite parts of flying when I take a trip or a vacation is spending time in a different environment from my usual.  The time outside of my daily routine helps clear my head from the usual and freshen up my thinking.  So today I say, "Get your head in the clouds."  

It doesn't take a seat on an airplane to allow you space to break above your usual pattern of thought. Stop in to a local library and look around for a few minutes at whatever draws your interest.  Take a lunch break in a totally new area to see what you see.  Take a walk alone and really consider whatever comes to your mind.  Try to spot a bird or flower that you normally wouldn't notice.  There are countless other ideas that you could add here.  Watching life go on around you is a wonderful refresher.  And studies show that taking a few minutes during the work day to break up the routine helps us concentrate better when we return to our work.  

Getting your head in the clouds might allow you to remember something important to you that keeps getting pushed down by your usual day-to-day tasks.  Or remember who you are when you're at your best.  Or get a cool new idea to use at home or work.  Or even just make you smile.  

If your time "in the clouds" results in reflections and new ideas, may I recommend that you free yourself of the pressure of acting on whatever you've reflected on.  Chances are good that pressuring yourself to take action after reflection may create stress and a negative connotation.  It may well be that you are inspired to take some action, but let inspiration be the motivation.  

So enjoy your "head in the clouds" moment today!  Post a comment if you'd like to share a way that you refresh during your day.  I'd love to hear it!

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