​2 Weeks, or Not 2 Weeks, That is the Question

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It seems that the idea of quitting a job, or the right way to quit a job is a matter of perspective. I was recently in a conversation with friends discussing the topic of quitting a job. While many people state a better opportunity as their primary reason for leaving, there is a lot of support that shows people leave their managers. I guess it would be safe to say that many people are probably quitting because they are dissatisfied with their boss.

During this discussion, it seemed that the majority were opposed to giving a 2 week notice. One of the sentiments from the group is that "it doesn't really matter if you give a 2 week notice." The idea behind that statement was that you are leaving the company for a better opportunity, so why would you worry about leaving on good terms. This idea was followed with support along the lines of "after all, you probably wont return to that company anyway." The idea of not giving a 2 week notice seemed to be a majority view.

There was also some discussion about finishing up your two weeks, but making it as painless for yourself as possible. Showing up to work, and doing the minimum, or giving a half-assed effort, and still getting paid. The idea behind this was along the same lines as not giving a two week notice. That after giving your two week notice, you probably wouldn't return to the company, and why not give a half-assed effort? After all, what are they going to do? Fire you?

I can understand being dissatisfied at work. I can also understand that by the time you've given your 2 week notice, you are probably beginning to check out mentally. While you may never work for the company again, what about your co-workers? These are the people you connect with on LinkedIn, and may want them to write something positive about you, or at least endorse your skills.  You might even end up working with these people again in the future. 

Quitting your job without a 2 week notice may be a way for you to "stick it to the company." In reality, it is most likely your co-workers that end up picking up the extra slack until your position gets replaced.

If nothing else, giving your 2 week notice and maintaining your level of performance is a great way to demonstrate your integrity, and your willingness make the effort to be a team player.

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