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Is it time to redesign the working week? bySteve Randall | 8/24/2015 6:55:19 AM

With the heightened focus on work-life balance is it time to change the whole concept of the working week? One Japanese firm thinks more

Unions criticize “heavy handed” ruling on social media bySteve Randall | 8/19/2015 7:30:55 AM

Public sector workers are being restricted in their use of social media during the election campaign and the unions aren’t happy! read more

Employer punished despite HR’s good deeds byHRM | 6/26/2015 7:46:57 AM

One company went above and beyond to accommodate a scent-sensitive worker but a recent court ruling more than more

Lawsuit claims Apple ‘treats employees as criminals’ byHRM | 6/15/2015 9:09:41 AM

Tech giant Apple is facing a lawsuit as employees take action against a policy which they say treats them like ‘animals’. read more

Far out Friday: Older employees four times less likely to fake an illness byHRM | 5/15/2015 7:07:20 AM

Study shows over 50s are for more reliable than their younger counterparts, who see sick leave as “additional holiday” they more

Lighter Side: Heineken’s hilarious hiring campaign byHRM | 5/13/2015 10:00:58 AM

The Dutch brewery showed their sense of humour in an outlandish hiring campaign… read more

Far out Friday: Is this the most inappropriate job ad ever? byHRM | 3/13/2015 1:15:00 PM

One UK recruitment agency is facing backlash after posting an overtly sexist picture alongside a secretary position – then defending their decision! read more

Rejecting ideas – the secret employee motivator? byHRM | 3/11/2015 1:04:38 PM

Study suggests the bitter sting of rejection might actually be a key employee motivator. read more