Results from SRHM/HRCI split survey

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Do you currently have HRCI certification?
Yes 81.51%
No 18.49%

Are you currently a member of SHRM?
Yes 92.44%
No 7.56%

How satisfied are you with the existing HRCI certification?
Very satisfied 61.02%
Fairly satisfied 25.42%
Not satisfied 5.08%
Not applicable 6.78%
Other 1.69%

Will you continue to be HRCI certified?
Yes 50.85%
No 1.69%
Not sure 39.83%
Not applicable 7.63%

How likely are you to take up the new SHRM certification?
Very likely 13.56%
Fairly likely 12.71%
Not likely 28.81%
Too early to say 44.92%

How important do you consider the SHRM’s need for additional ‘competencies’ to be?
Very important 9.52%
Not important 53.33%
No opinion either way 37.14%

Why do you think SHRM has introduced the new certification?
Because more ‘competencies’ within the certification are needed 0.00%
For the good of the HR industry and professionals 11.30%
To increase revenues 75.65%
Other 13.04%

Has SHRM's launch of a new certification changed your views towards the organization?
No 20.51%
Yes, in a positive way 3.42%
Yes, in a negative way 63.25%
Other 12.82%

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