Email addicts – is it time to go cold turkey?

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If your employees were unable to access email for a day, would work grind to a halt or would they have more free time to actually get stuff done? If you think it could be the latter, it might be worth following in the footsteps of this entrepreneur.

In 2012, Clare Burge was inspired to cut the email cord after she returned from a 10-day vacation to find thousands of unopened emails in her inbox.
In a moment of madness, as she calls it, Burge decided to embark on a bold one-year experiment: stop using email.

She put an automatic response on her personal and work email accounts that asked people to call her instead. For her, it was “life-changing.”

“Email is a very selfish tool,” explained Burge, who now runs a Dublin-based consultancy called Get Organised. “People dump tasks into each other’s inboxes without thinking about whether they are being considerate.”

Lee Mallon, founder of UK based IT firm Rarely Impossible, agrees – he banned email at his entire company after hearing Burge talk about her own experiences. His motivation? – Email had become “too much of a distraction and a constant annoyance.”

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