Email addicts – is it time to go cold turkey?

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Mallon told employees that anyone who violated the ban would have to work from an empty desk they dubbed “the naughty chair”. He is the only one who has had to sit there, mostly for forwarding emails from clients to team members.

So how well did it work?

“My team communicates much better,” reveals Mallon, who estimates they’ve saved about 20% of the workday by getting rid of email. “Now issues get solved right away.”

“Before, email would be a repository for all communications, as well as interactions with clients and storing documents,” said Mallon. “Now we use about four different products to put things in their relevant form.”

Because it’s a small office, most urgent issues that used to come up over email are now handled in person or with a quick phone call or text. Staffers use Skype, Dropbox and Slack to keep tabs on projects and share information.

Mallon admits the transition wasn’t easy but says as soon as employees got used to the switch, every process was streamlines and every person was less stressed.

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