Five ways to use social media when recruiting

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Employment branding

“Your employment brand is the public’s view of your company as an employer, and these days it’s based largely on your social presence,” says Miller-Merrell. “It’s your job to shape and influence that brand, so use your social presence to build it.”

Developing a strong employment branding strategy is important but Miller-Merrell suggests starting with three simple things: consistency across all channels, perfecting the tone of your messaging and creating a network of people who are advocates of your employment brand – such as current employees.


Engage your social networks with video broadcasting apps like Meerkcat and Periscope, advises Miller-Merrell.

“Remember though that while these are great tools, you don’t own the network but are just renting space,” she adds. “To have more control over your community, consider a talent network just for your company.”

Job distribution

“Candidates want to talk to recruiters, not just follow an account that only blasts out new career site job opportunities,” says Miller-Merrell. “Use your social networks as a way to engage in discussions about job postings as well as discussions outside those specific job opportunities.”
Jessica Miller-Merrell’s original article on the ways in which employers can use social media in hiring and recruiting can be found in full, here.
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