Getting "in the zone" with HR

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“Check in with your team and allow them to confide in you and get things off their chest,” Fraser advised.

“Enable friendships at work, reward team and collaborative behaviours, and regularly recognise achievements.”
  1. Control your environment
Understand that interruptions dramatically drive up stress levels.

“If you want [your team] to grow, do good work and be ‘strategic’, you have to loosen up on the way you let them work,” Fraser said.

He suggested allowing employees to work from home or leave the office to complete projects.

Shifting your internal culture could also help, Fraser said; show colleagues that you respect their time by postponing non-urgent interruptions.
  1. Be human
“Take an interest in how happy your team members are outside of work,” said Fraser. “When your staff feel like they are meeting expectations at home, they get more flow at work.”

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