Is it time to review your organisation’s EVP?

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This can be achieved by:
  1. Understanding your strength as HR
It’s critical HRDs understand their advisory position within the leadership team.

Leadership teams struggle with engagement, of connecting with employees,” said Beeley. “So how do you set up the messaging, how do you create a set of values, and then behaviours that reinforce those values? That’s something HR can play a unique part in.”
  1. Selling it to your executive colleagues
“Leadership buy-in is essential,” said Beeley. “It’s up to you to demonstrate to them how powerful this can be and how much influence the leadership team can have through this EVP. On a broad basis, the EVP is a communication platform for informing and influencing many people at once.”

  1. Securing a budget – and get external help
“You cannot do a proper EVP analysis on the smell of an oily rag,” Beeley said. “It’s also difficult to do it on your own. The people you are talking to probably won’t be honest with you. Having HR in focus groups is a bit like having your parents in the room when you’re talking to your mates. As the child, you are fearful that what you reveal might hurt you down the track.”

He added that it’s imperative to have an unbiased external research team undertaking the research so you can capture the truth rather than what you’d like to think the truth is.
  1. Research, research, research
According to Beeley, if you haven’t talked to one segment of the workforce who is particularly influential or you’ve restricted research to certain segments, it becomes too easy for leadership to dismiss the proposed EVP overhaul. 

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