Lighter Side: New keyboard combats anger at the office

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We’ve all felt frustrated at the office – the less composed of us might have even punched a keyboard or two in our time – but now German designers have come up with a way to channel office anger and be productive. Sort of…

Welcome, ‘the Workoutcomputer’. The brainchild of Berlin-based design and fashion firm Bless, the Workoutcomputer is comprised of a series of punch-bags linked up to a main computer.

From speed bags to swerve balls, each punch-bag displays a letter - when the worker (or boxer?) hits it the bag, sensors inside are triggered and the corresponding letter appears on the computer screen. 

Created for the 2nd Instanbul Design Biennial, Bliss said they wanted to make typing a “full body experience.” It looks more like a full-body work out to us.

The founders agree- “We find it terribly outdated to have a day split into a working time and a leisure time.”  The Workoutcomputer is certainly an extreme reaction to combining the two and while it looks like a lot of fun, we’re not sure we’re up for using it to write that 2,000 word report…
Here is the Workoutcomputer in action: 

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