Personality profiling: transforming L&D into a “life changing” event

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According to the Ebbinghouse Forgetting Curve, the average participant [in educational activity] begins forgetting what they’ve learned almost immediately without the use of any practical activities to support the new knowledge.

Research suggests that there is a six to nine hour window before people forget up to 50% of what they learned if they have not completed any practical activities related to the new information or skills.

But innovative learning models are shaking things up.

For example, pd training uses a model based on tying learning to personality types. The company uses real world examples supported by actual practical activities, either designed on the spot or planned as part of the complete learning experience.

According to Paul Findlay, managing director of pd training, the results are the best when profiling is undertaken prior to the training event.

“We use the insights to deliver the training in a way that is more tailored to the individual’s natural preferences; however, that’s only just the beginning,” he said. “By learning more about yourself and others in the context of a business course, the epiphanies people have about recrurring scenarios can be life changing.”

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