Personality profiling: transforming L&D into a “life changing” event

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  • Adaptive Coach: Self-directed in their approach to learning, Adaptive Coaches learn well using video based online content, preferable presented by a well-known or respected personality in the field.
Like the Directive Driver, they thrive on conclusions and results as opposed to the theory and academic rigour it took to find them.

In a classroom, the opportunity to interact with their colleagues and work towards a common understanding is something they relish.

Facts, figures and PowerPoint presentations will soon lose their attention, however.
  • Consultative Counsellor: These learners need interactive people-based content, and like Adaptive Coaches, benefit from online video content presented by a known or respective person in the field.
They will be more likely to succeed when the details supporting the facts are available.
In the classroom, activities with strong explanations and clarity on how to go about them will encourage them to participate.

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