Revealed: The best day to advertise job openings

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Does the date and time you post your job affect the quality of applications received? Maybe.

Recruiting software company Workable analyzed the days applications come in and found there were stark differences based on the point in the week.

Notably, Mondays see the most applications, and the number falls steadily until Saturday, when the number of job applications bottom out. Sunday is slightly better than the previous day, but nowhere near weekday levels, the data shows.

Workable sales director Rob Long claimed the day a position is advertised can cause the number of applications to vary as much as 100%. This is because many job aggregation sites use freshness as a ranking factor in their feed algorithms. “Plus,” wrote Long on the Workable blog, “the new jobs of the day usually land in email updates and job board front pages…”

That means that leaving the task of posting a position to the last minute on Friday afternoon probably isn’t a good idea. If you want to hit candidates’ inboxes, try a Monday morning or late Sunday instead

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