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Crafting a killer resume as a HR professional presents an obvious challenge: you’ll be handing your CV over to someone who can expertly de-code fluff and filler.
The trick to creating a powerful and punchy CV is to follow a specific format in order to “create a strong achievements based document”, said Kylie Chown, certified master resume writer and LinkedIn profile writer.
“I have worked with HR professionals in a range of industries, and I often use the CAR format, which means that we are writing about the Challenge, Action and Result, as opposed to just listing the duties,” Chown said.
“When we look at results, it’s important remember that the HR function is to support the business and to highlight results that were of benefit to the business. The business that you’re applying with will want to know how you can make things better for them and solve their problems, and the best way to do this is to show that you have done it before.”
Focus on situations where you have saved the business money, increased effectiveness or improved systems, and develop content around these outcomes, Chown suggested.
“In the HR space, a recruiter will have an idea of what you have done so your point of difference will come from the results that you have achieved,” she said.
“The other tip for HR professionals is to write for the job they want, not the job that they have. Often a HR professional will have a wealth of experience, so create the resume to suit the position that you’re applying for.”
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