The NSA just released the most puzzling social recruiting campaign we’ve ever seen

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We’ve all seen some well-done social media recruiting campaigns by now, but have you ever seen something quite this brilliant?
Confused? So were many people, until somebody (literally) deciphered the NSA’s strange communication.  That’s right, they’re not but tweets, but coded messages targeted at specific candidates. While no one’s quite worked out this week’s code, the first message reads as follows:
“Want to know what it takes to work at NSA? Check back each Monday in May as we explore careers essential to protecting our nation.”

The campaign harks back to an equally cryptic billboard Google put up in 2004. It simply read: "{first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e}.com." Mathematics forums flared with activity as scientists tried to figure out the answer, which turned out to be Upon visiting the site, they discovered an equally difficult puzzle – but after that was cracked, visitors were invited to submit their resume to Google.
  • Timbalionguy on 5/13/2014 11:27:30 AM

    For all the problems that the NSA causes us, they really do do some cool stuff. Their website is worth exploring. And they have always been creative in hiring. After visiting the NSA museum, a linguist friend of mine was asked on the way out to listen to some speech and identify the language. When he guessed fairly closely, he was offered a job (which he took).

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