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“I provided a laptop to every product manager and marketing person and salesperson,” she revealed. “We also developed a BYD program for them so they can have access to the information they need, wherever they are.”

However, Softchoice’s survey also revealed that 59 percent of employees receive a device from their employer for work in and out the office, however, just 24 percent of organizations have set clear policies and expectations around appropriate work activities after business hours.

Bédard acknowledged it was a challenge when implementing the program; “Only 100 of the 600 employees in headquarters requested to be part of the program,” she revealed. “I was surprised because I thought there would be more people applying – the challenge is, do employees think they will be asked to do too much if they sign up to BYOD.  I need to see.”

The study 

Other findings from Softchoice’s survey of 1,700 employees include:
  • 62 per cent of employees believe they’re more productive working outside the office
  • 61 percent of employees prefer working the equivalent of an eight hour workday broken up over a longer day, rather than in a single 9-to-5 block.
  • 57 percent of employees work remotely on personal or sick days, and 44 percent of employees worked on their last vacation. 

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