Will Germanwings disaster increase workplace stigma?

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“It’s very important for managers to provide education to employees so they know what to do when they’re in need,” urged Bradley.

Mental health first aid

But education shouldn’t just be offered to those suffering from a mental illness, says Bradley – all employees should be trained to spot the signs and symptoms of certain conditions as well being coached on how to help.

“Time and time again I’ve heard people say ‘I would have offered help if I’d known a little bit about the problem and what to do,’” says Bradley. Mental Health first aid not only empowers employees to be able to do that, it demystifies mental illness and helps people perceive it in the same way the perceive physical illnesses.

“You would never go out in a construction site and see someone without a hard hat,” says Bradley. Every employee knows the basics in physical health and safety as well as physical first aid – the same should be able to be said for mental health.

“The more we learn how to deal with these situations, the more we can help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health,” she added.

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