You’ll be annoyed to find which jobs were ranked better than HR

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In case you missed it, the US News Best Jobs of 2014 report came out recently, and the HR specialist position found its way onto the top 100 overall and top 15 best business jobs. But some HR professionals have pointed out that its ranking wasn’t exactly flattering. At number 71 overall, that puts HR specialists behind bill collectors, phlebotomists and even nail technicians.

Jobs ranked better than HR Specialist (in order of the US News best jobs rankings)
10. Dental Hygienist
16. Phlebotomist
34. Maintenance and Repair Worker
39. Accountant
49. Nail Technician
57. Bill Collector
61. Exterminator
62. Insurance Agent
65. Hairdresser
71. HR Specialist

Is it really that bad to be in HR? The rankings were computed based on seven factors: expected growth volume, expected growth percentage, median salary, competition for jobs, employment rate, stress level, and work-life balance.

As we reported earlier in the year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects above-average job growth for HR specialists, at 15.5% expected growth by 2022. The profession also has an above-average median salary, at $55,930. But apparently the analysts’ evaluation of HR job satisfaction brought its ranking down. Upward mobility in the profession was ranked average, while stress levels were listed as above average and flexibility was below average.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.
  • Marsha B on 5/13/2014 9:37:07 PM

    I think phlebotomist ranking in 6th for worst job in U.S. ON stressful situations is about right. We deal with all human ignorance and human kindness; depends on what has been consumed in the body.

  • Vanessa F. on 4/28/2014 12:37:35 PM

    unfortunately, I do agree. I love the work but HR isn't viewed positively and it isn't as rewarding as it could be, not to mention the stress and unreasonable expectations.

  • Patricia Forde on 4/28/2014 9:16:24 AM

    HR is a more rewarding field that painting nails. Nail polish chips and is ready to be redone in a couple of days, but the decisions and the people I touch in my day-to-day HR job can change lives.

  • SMV on 4/28/2014 6:36:34 AM

    I agree, the stress levels are high however the pay can be higher based on regional location and industry

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