What do 64% of Fortune 200 CHROs have in common?

May 23, 2014

How to maximize your learning to stand out in the crowd to hiring managers

If you have a graduate degree, consider yourself in good company: 64% of Fortune 200 CHROs have at least one graduate degree, Cornell University research shows. Conducted in 2010, the research showed a slight increase from the previous year, in which 58% of CHROs from Fortune 100 companies were found to have graduate degrees. As for the types of degrees, the specialties were varied:
  • 20% have an MBA with a non-HR emphasis
  • 11% have a Masters in HR/Industrial Relations
  • 6% have an MBA with an emphasis in HR
  • 3% have a JD/law degree
  • 5% have a Ph.D. in HR/Industrial relations, psychology, sociology, or related fields
  • 3% have a Masters in psychology/sociology
  • 10% have Ph.D.s or Masters in other fields
In comparison, ongoing research from author and business professor David Ulrich shows a slightly smaller proportion of all US HR professionals have graduate degrees, at 51% in 2012. That’s up from 45% in 2002, and 43% in 1992.

According to Drexel University enrolment counselor Micah Muldowney, many HR professionals are waiting until halfway through their careers to pursue these types of education. “Generally speaking, most of our candidates are not straight out of college,” he said.

That’s in part because cost, time and location are no longer the barriers they used to be, according to Deloitte’s Bill Pelstor. “Nothing is stopping you as an individual from developing yourself anymore,” he said. “The 21st Century employee is fundamentally different…people are self-directing and taking charge of what they need from a developmental standpoint.”
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How to maximize your learning to stand out in the crowd to hiring managers

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