Comment of the week: Revisiting outplacement

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In an era of dramatic layoffs in retail, the future of outplacement has been a hot topic in HR in the US.

We reported on how less than 70% of companies now use outplacement, and Texas-based recruiter Sandra McCartt noted that the service was not always useful.

When reader Jean noted that it often depends on the motivation of the individual receiving outplacement, we received a response from another reader:
I think like most other services these days that outplacement needs to be revisited and approached from a new perspective. We've been using a great firm - RiseSmart - for a number of years now. They've got an innovative approach to outplacement services that actually meets the needs of the departing employees. We've had a lot of success with this new way of thinking. – Clay Worley

Like several other new outplacement services, RiseSmart is exclusively online. Little objective research has been done on the effectiveness of online outplacement versus traditional offerings. Have you used online-only outplacement services before?

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