[HOT TOPIC] The surprising part of a resume you might want to ignore

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Do college degrees tell recruiters more about a person’s socioeconomic background then their capacity to perform? We reported on how some companies are turning away from using the traditional degree to assess candidates’ suitability for jobs.

Google’s own senior vice president of people operations even pointed out that those who make their way in the world without a degree are ‘exceptional human beings’. And one reader could relate:
I tend to agree. Even though I earned a masters degree it doesn't make me more capable than someone else. My husband is the smartest man I know and he doesn't have a degree. He's in sales and a degree won't make him a better salesperson. Unfortunately employers don't feel the same way. – Susan Anderson

It seems many employers tend to be disappointed by the way colleges prepare students for the workforce, too: six in 10 Americans, including business leaders, say recent college graduates’ lack of preparedness for the workforce was a problem for the nation.
  • Eric Korbel on 3/14/2014 4:15:03 PM

    I would value a mature and life experienced candidate far more than an MBA type who has had a spoon fed and narrow base of knowledge to his/her credit. Not knocking education in any way but to rely soley upon the college type short changes a company IMO. For the record, I did not finish college.

  • Mahealani Akau on 3/14/2014 1:45:46 PM

    I agree with Chris Romine. Also we are a non-profit and receive state and federal funding. Both give us our marching orders on qualifications for applicants. There is an increase in the need for a master's and I see the definite move for masters to be licensed.

  • Chris Romine on 3/14/2014 10:18:32 AM

    College is not what it used to be, aside from college or not, people coming into the work force lack, work ethic, respect, simiple humility and feel very entitled.

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